A Long History of Vinchain Creation

a long history of vinchain creation

There is no doubt that Project Vinchain is one of the greatest ideas to ever be implemented in the world. It is precisely because of this that the project not only needs brains but also you need to have a lot of experience to make it work. Many similar projects have been launched over the past few years with many failing before their 2nd year birthday. Even with the best idea, lack of proper monitoring and evaluation is what drugs many start-ups down. Let’s not forget that there is limited budget at that time hence there are hardly ever funds for trial and error projects. Nevertheless, we learnt from our predecessors mistakes and emerged more successful. That said, we definitely have the enough muscle to work in such a business. 
The history of Vinchain started a long time ago with creating by our partners https://crashescars.com/eng in 2004. The company is located in the US in New Jersey. The company is engaged in the supply of new and emergency vehicles, motorcycles, boats and yachts from the USA to other countries. Delivery is possible “from door to door”, including customs clearance, insurance, registration. That was the first step they took when started to collect a history of accidents. 

 What followed in 2007 was the creation of  https://www.easyexport.us which is an officially registered broker of Copart auction. This Company specializes on selling used cars globally. They provide a client with detailed information on each lot, so that he or she can be confidently sure about the vehicle that they are going to buy. One of the greatest achievements for this company is when they got into the inc500 rating as the most dynamically developing company for 3 years in a row they. In 2015, they made a bold statement by rebranding https://abetter.bid/en .
 Another brand worth looking into is A Better Bid which is an online car auction with more than 100,000+ vehicles on sale every day. It is a registered Copart Auto Auction broker which gives a client the possibility to the access to the largest car auction inventory in USA, including used, repairable, theft recovery, fleet & lease, repo, flood and hail damaged cars. 
 Our advisors are brokers of the largest salvage auction in America for many years. Moreover, they export cars to dozens of countries of the world and therefore deeply immersed in the topic. In 2007, they created autoinspect.us LLC ( https://www.autoinspect.us ) and created a service to check the status of auto. Autoinspect.us does not buy or sell vehicles and spare parts. The primary objective is to inspect cars that the client is interested in purchasing and to give a detailed report after the inspection. In 2013 they created https://www.epicvin.com . At EpicVin, client receives verified data updated in real time that’s collected based on the VIN. 
NMVTIS is the largest and most trustworthy U.S. database and Autoinspect.us LLC is it’s approved data provider. Here the client can get all the essential information about the used car which is bought or planning to be bought. An online VIN check reveals all the data needed to know to feel safe and confident about the vehicle. This system eliminates all possibilities of data being altered, manipulated or misrepresented in the process of obtaining it. What’s more the system is based on the blockchain technology hence it makes it decentralized. A decentralized vehicle database simply means that you can access it from all parts of the world. Apart from eliminating discrepancies in data verification, this system also ensures that all parties involved in the process of buying and selling of a used car are not duped, underpaid or overcharged. We’ve partnered with big names in both the Automotive and Blockchain industry to ensure the success of this project. 
If you are thinking of investing with us, this is your chance. So as you can see, there is a lot of experience standing behind our project so we definitely know a lot about automotive industry and aiming to develop it in the best possible way. We have put in the effort and time to ensure that VINchain in a huge success. We believe that it is the time to restore the trust between dealers and buyers in the automotive industry.

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