An inside look into the development of the VINchain connected car platform

April 1, 2019

The VINchain connected car platform

The VINchain connected car platform consists of a device that can be plugged into your vehicle (also known as an “OBD device”) as well as the sophisticated VINchain infrastructure that interprets the data from your vehicle. The VINchain connected car platform allows you to connect with your vehicle like never before… and get rewarded for it!

Some of the top features of the VINchain connected car platform include:

  • Getting rewarded for sharing your data

  • Have full control of what you share and what you keep private

  • Being able to track your vehicle’s location via GPS

  • Monitoring the condition and diagnostics of your car

  • Integrate your car with your other smart devices

  • Getting custom notifications about vehicle events that are important to you

  • Create geo-fences and get notified when your vehicle enters or leaves that area

  • Easily track every move of your car or the car of your loved ones

  • Get notified of any possible accidents

  • Get notified if your car gets towed

  • Get roadside assistance if you need help

  • Have a record of all of your trips for easy business reporting / trip logging

  • Get suggestions for how you can save money by driving more efficiently

....And much more!

Let's take a closer look


The Dashboard shows you all of your most important statistics at a glance. Here you can see how many tokens you have earned for driving your vehicle and sharing your data, your average fuel consumption, how efficiently you drive (eco-driving), your recent trips, and any serviceable events  


In the ‘Tracking’ section, you will see a list of all of your vehicles along with a corresponding interactive map that shows the current locations of all of your vehicles. Here you will be able to keep an eye on your cars, regardless of how many vehicles you are tracking, just one or and entire fleet. You can dynamically filter this list based on specific criteria and get an overview of the status, condition, time on the road, distance driven, and important notifications for each vehicle.    

Driving history

The driving history section will make it simple and easy to see the extensive driving history of all of your vehicles, and will allow you to analyze your driving style updated in real time. You’ll be able to see all your routes on a map. You can create custom reports with information such as average/maximum speed, fuel consumption, date/time/duration, engine hours, stop time, standing still, speed, events (added, planned, etc.), total driving time, and much more.


You have full control over what information gets utilized in a report. You can create custom reports utilizing parameters such as: time or day from start, trips, connection status, notifications, fuel consumption, number of devices, and various other parameters. Each report provides valuable insights.

Fuel reports​​​​​​​

This section is designed to show your fuel consumption over time. You can easily identify where you can save gas and money, as well as see how you vehicles perform over time.


Eco-Driving is designed to show you everything that affects the performance of your car. Simply put, the higher your eco-driving score, the more efficient your vehicle performance, and the more money you save on fuel, maintenance, and repairs. Oh, and not to mention you also reduce your carbon footprint on the earth

Tech history​​​​​​​

The tech history section is designed to show you the state of critical factors like air filter, tire pressure, and battery level for every connected car in your account. These things are important to your vehicle operating smoothly and efficiently, helping you avoid any unexpected repairs.

Change the way you connect with your car
The VINchain connected car platform will be available for iPhone, Android, and desktop. Platform coming soon.   

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