Important announcements!

important announcements!

Announcing Exchanges

Today we have big news for you! We have officially been listed on three different exchanges. We would like to mention that it took us some time to get listed, but this was due to the fact that our token is not a standard ERC-20 format and so the process is longer. However, we have been working hard and we have 3 confirmed exchanges that we are going to be listed on:

Exchanges we will be on:

  1. starting from 18th of June;

  2. starting from 18th of June;

  3. starting from 11th of June.

We will be listed on exchanges once the refund to US participants is complete (June 11th).

Refund to US Contributors

We want to thank you for participating in the VINchain ICO. Recently, we decided to refund US ICO participants. The refund will be available starting from tomorrow (6/5/18). All the participants who have made their contributions in ETH will receive their tokens back to the address they have been paying from.

If you have received an email from us saying that we need your KYC, please make sure to confirm it ASAP!

If you are a US participant and have contributed with LTC,BTC or DASH here are step-by-step instructions for you:

If the address that you want to receive your tokens to is different from the address you have paid from, please make sure to complete your KYC! Tokens will be distributed once at the end of each week.

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