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Blockchain automotive revenue opportunities

February 20, 2019
Market research done in 2018 by strategy and marketing consultancy, Simon-Kucher & Partners revealed that consumers are interested in blockchain for a number of reasons and that they are willing to pay more for these solutions. Using the results... read more...

How blockchain is making car ownership easier

February 13, 2019
Blockchain technology is already having a massive impact on the automotive industry. From manufacturing to insurance, an... read more...

VINstuff #33 (January 28 - February 10)

February 9, 2019
Dear VINchain community, We’ve wrapped up our successful run at the enormous NADA Show 2019 and are now finaliz... read more...

The next generation of rewards - blockchain and tokens

February 6, 2019
Blockchain technology has many uses and advantages, and is set to disrupt nearly all industries, including the automotiv... read more...

Change the way you drive with vehicle tracking

January 30, 2019
Vehicle tracking technology has been around for a while, and has mainly been used for fleet tracking and theft recovery.... read more...

NADA Show 2019 wrap-up

January 29, 2019
Dear VINchain community, After completing a successful run at NADA Show 2019 and we’re glad to be back at our o... read more...

VINstuff #32 (January 14 - January 27)

January 26, 2019
Dear VINchain community, We’ve excelled through an vital week of work and are have finally made it to the Super... read more...

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