OBD Production Update

obd production update

As you all know we like to keep you updated with our developments, and so we would like to share with you new updates about our OBD devices.

We are working on producing our own OBD device - that thing that plugs into your car to help you capture your driving / vehicle data. Last week our team visited Teltonika (https://teltonika.lt/ ) a huge manufacturer (top 5 in the industry) of OBD devices. This is a great company with over 20 years of experience in this industry.

We analyzed their manufacturing process, and witnessed OBD devices being produced right in front of us - going from raw materials to completed devices.

We visited the location where the raw materials for the devices are stored. All of the materials are counted, tracked, and inputted into the system, they are sent to the production floor.

Also we have attended the factory itself - where the OBD devices are assembled. We made sure that during this processes the device is of high quality.

Human intervention is used seldomly, in order to minimize human error and to reduce the possibility of malfunction. At the final stage of the process a robot checks the quality of the assembled device to make sure that it is 100% exactly as it should be. With the help of a special machine, they check the 3D model how the device was assembled. After that the special robot automatically checks, calibrates and sorts GPS modules. If module does not pass the test, it is sent for revision.

And finally EACH device is tested before being sent out. The device work is also tested in different conditions such as heat, high humidity, cold and etc. This is done to ensure that every device working at 100% capacity and with utmost quality.

We took a few examples of OBD devices which we are going to be testing. We will let everyone know about our future possible collaboration with such a great company!

Here is a short video taken there you can see how the special robot automatically checks, calibrates and sorts GPS modules. If module does not pass the test, it is sent for revision.

Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fI06RlUhT5o

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