VIN is listed on IDCM! Join the trading competition and win tokens!

vin is listed on idcm! join the trading competition and win tokens!
November 13, 2018

Dear VINchain community,

We are proud to say that VINchain is officially listed on the IDCM exchange. Covering more than 60 countries, IDCM spans regions across the world and counts itself among the top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges by trade volume. You can find out more about IDCM’s ranking on Coin Market Cap:

Deposits and withdrawals for VIN tokens on IDCM are open on their website at:

Here is the instruction how to trade VIN on IDCM :

We have VIN/BTC and VIN/ETH pairs on IDCM:


IDCM Trading Competition

10:00 November 14th (UTC +8) through 10:00 November 29th (UTC +8)

Trading competition rules:

[Trade any amount to receive 288 VIN]

IDCM users trading the VIN/BTC or VIN/ETH pairs during the competition will each receive 288 VIN. A total of 500,000 VIN will be given away to these participants. It is rewarded on a first come first served basis.

[Top traders to receive large VIN rewards]

Our top traders competition will have a total of 5 sessions. Each session lasts 72 hours and during each session the top 20 winners will be selected. The calculation for top VIN traders will be done by total trade volume (buy volume + sell volume - self trading volume) for both the VIN/BTC and the VIN/ETH trading pairs. Rewards for each session will be calculated separately.

The top 20 users during each session with a trading volume of over 10,000.00 VIN will receive the following rewards:

TOP 1 : 20,000 VIN

TOP 4-6 : 6,000 VIN

TOP 2 : 16,000 VIN

TOP 7-10 : 4,000 VIN

TOP 3 : 10,000 VIN

TOP 11-20 : 2,000 VIN

Learn more about the trading competition at IDCM:

Thank you for your continued support.

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