VIN Listing on CoinTiger Exchange Creates Opportunity to Win Tokens

vin listing on cointiger exchange creates opportunity to win tokens
March 5, 2019

Dear VINchain Community,

We’re thrilled to announce that our VIN tokens (VIN) have been listed on CoinTiger, joining the prestigious ranks of IDAX and IDCM as an exchange offering our community the opportunity to trade VIN/BTC (Bitcoin) and VIN/ETH (Ethereum) pairs conveniently and safely. Listing on exchanges is by far the most frequent request of our community, we’re glad to be able to deliver.

The CoinTiger platform is a hub for blockchain enthusiasts boasting over 1.3 million global users and a client ecosystem extending across the web, iOS and Android. They maintain an average trading volume of 200 mln USD over the course of the month and hold the title of the 22nd largest exchange on CoinMarketCap by volume. Listing on their exchange provides VINchain with a new audience, greater ease of use for our supporters and bolsters the health of VIN.

We’re further enthused to broadcast the chance to win VIN tokens through participation in our trading competition to launch our success across this exciting new exchange. There will be two distinct chances to earn VIN.

300 VIN token Reward for New Registrants

The first opportunity to earn VIN simply requires that you register for CoinTiger, join the CoinTiger and VINchain Telegram channels and fill out a form. Completion of these requirements will yield a 300 VIN token reward-- earning has never been so easy! This event will remain open between 15:00 on 3/4/19 and 15:00 on 3/11/19 (UTC+8), or until 600,000 VIN tokens are dispersed.

To qualify, simply:

  1. Register on CoinTiger

  2. Join the CoinTiger Telegram Group

  3. Join the VINchain Telegram Group

  4. Fill out the 600,000 VIN for new registrants form


1,400,000 VIN token Trading Competition

VINchain values our community and traders in more than words. For this reason, we’re launching a highly fruitous competition which will reward 1,400,000 VIN across the top 20 traders by total trading volume (buying volume + selling volume). Those trading either VIN/BTC and VIN/ETH pairings will be eligible and the contest will take place between 16:00 on 3/7/19 and 16:00 on 3/13/19 (UTC+8). Note that to qualify, total trading volume must exceed 100,000 VIN.

Rewards will be dispersed as follows:

1st place: 500,000 VIN

2nd place: 200,000 VIN

3rd place: 100,000 VIN

4th-10th place: 350,000 VIN to be split evenly

11th-20th place: 250,000 VIN to be split evenly

*The reward for both activities above can be combined.

*The final interpretation of qualification belongs to CoinTiger.

*Rewards will be sent to qualified users five working days after the end of the timeframe.

VIN token deposit and trading will open on CoinTiger at 16:00 on March 7th, 2019 (UTC+8) and withdrawal become available at 16:00 on Mar 13th, 2019 (UTC+8).

Read more about the details for this announcement on CoinTiger at

Thank you as always for your support, be sure to join the community on Telegram and reach out directly to our skilled team with any questions or concerns.

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