VINchain launched in Europe!

vinchain launched in europe!
April 26, 2019

Dear VINchain community,

We keep our promises - today we have officially launched in Europe! We are so excited to venture into new territories and explore new possibilities. The first country that we venture into is Sweden. The US is still our main focus, but the time has come to branch out and continue our quest to bring transparency to the automotive industry worldwide.

We are currently in the process of hashing all of our Swedish data and the VINchain vehicle history reports will be fully populated by the end of next week. Once done, everyone will have the opportunity to check and buy our updated reports here:! To be clear we populated our database with real Swedish vehicle data, not just translated the website into a different language - although the site translations are coming too :)  

It's been a long journey for us as we have been growing and developing in the US market. Our results in the US speak for themselves as we’ve collected over 350+ million VIN records in our database, provided access to over 65,000 VINchain Vehicle History Reports, and made valuable partnerships to name a few milestones.

Alongside launching in a new country, we have also made some updates to our website ( ) to reflect all of the developments with the Vehicle history reports, Connected car platform, BaaS (Blockchain as a  Service) and custom tokens.

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