VINstuff #31 (Dec. 24 - January 13)

January 11, 2019

Dear VINchain community,

As the new year begins we are ready to share our excitement for upcoming events and continue to move progress down our timeline. We moved forward pitching to SONIC Automotive, are preparing for the upcoming NADA Show and continue to release specialized content for the community.

Check out our video with today's announcement:

1) SONIC Automotive

We recently enjoyed a tremendous chance to pitch the VINchain solution to one of the largest automotive dealerships in the country, SONIC Automotive. We were fortunate to be able to present both our vehicle data marketplace and connected car solution. They were especially receptive to our connected device and the included fleet tracking, presenting an incredible opportunity not only in itself through SONIC, but in receiving feedback to inform our approach to upcoming events.

2) Fleet tracking and NADA

The fast-approaching NADA Show is the most enormous and prestigious automotive events of the year, and we remain laser-focused on poising ourselves for success. Our main focus at this year’s show is to partner with large dealerships through our connected car solution, the VINchain Connected Car Device. In order to make our offering as valuable as possible, we are tailoring the device to have as much utility and value as possible by offering unparalleled fleet tracking, thanks to the input we received from SONIC Automotive.

3) Content highlight

Make sure you didn’t miss these highlights from our recent blog content.

The Growing Importance of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Our Daily Lives:

Problems with Vehicle History Reports:

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