VINstuff #6 (May 28-June 3)

vinstuff #6 (may 28-june 3)

Dear VINchain community!

This is our weekly update on all the work that we have done during the week and let you know everything that has happened in the world of VINchain over the course of the last week. We are working hard on our project and we thank you for being with us and supporting us so much! We are looking forward for your feedback!

1) News from legal team!  

Due to new SEC rules and regulations our legal team has informed us that we need to return all of the collected funds to our US participants. In order for us to do so we have to re-launch our blockchain. This process will take about two weeks to complete.

Those who have gone through the token swap will just have to activate their wallets again. This process takes less than a minute to complete. Those who have not gone through the token swap, will still have to do it and then later on will have to activate their wallets. All US citizens will receive their contributions in exact amount and currency that they have contributed with.

This process is necessary in order for us to ensure that our project has a bright and flourishing future.

2) Exchanges

After this process is complete we will be tradable on exchanges. We will do our best to make it as fast as possible.

3) Development of OBD

This week a part of our team has a meeting with potential OBD providers. This is one of the largest OBD companies and is known for the quality of their devices. We have great negotiation and we are looking forward to working with them, so soon you will get more news about that!

Thank you for all your support and for being with us!

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