VINstuff #7 (June 4 - June 10)

Dear VINchain community!

Here is our weekly update with all of the interesting developments this week! This week has been very active for us. We have made some very anticipated announcements that everyone have been looking for and done lots of things in general. We are doing our best to keep you updated about all the work that has been done by our team! As always leave your comments because we are interested in what you think! Thank you so much for being with us and for all the support!

1) Exchanges

We have officially been listed on two different exchanges. We would like to mention that it took us some time to get listed, but this was due to the fact that our token is not a standard ERC-20 format and so the process is longer. However, we have been working hard and we have 2 confirmed exchanges that we are going to be listed on:

Exchanges we will be on (starting from 18th of June): (Ranked #26 in the world by daily trading volume)

CoinEx Market

We have been closely following recent new and developments and we have decided to withdraw from the OctaEx Exchange. There has been a lot of suspicious activity going on, and we do not want to risk our communities safety.

2) Refund for US Contributors

Recently, we decided to refund US ICO participants. All the participants who have made their contributions in ETH have received their tokens back to the address they contributed from. We are processing the remainder of the refunds today (6/8/18) so if you didn't get yours yet, you will receive it very soon.

Those whom contributed with other currencies (BTC, LTE, DASH) are going to get their refund today as well. For user who contributed with these currencies will have to declare what wallet they want to receive the funds back to. If you haven't followed these instructions yet, please do so now:

If you have received an email from us saying that we need your KYC, please make sure to confirm it ASAP! If you want to change your refund address you need KYC as well.

3) Blockchain Development News

As we are refunding all the US participants we need to re-start our blockchain. This process will be completed on Monday. Furthermore on Monday the option for the token swap will be opened again, so all those who haven’t completed it yet will get their chance.

4) OBD Device

Last week our team visited Teltonika ( ) a huge manufacturer (top 5 in the industry) of OBD devices. This is a great company with over 20 years of experience in this industry. We took a few samples of OBD devices which we are testing. We will let everyone know about our future possible collaboration with such a great company!

Here is a short video from the factory where a special robot automatically checks, calibrates and sorts GPS modules. If module does not pass the test, it is sent for revision.
Check it out:

If you would like to read more about our OBD manufacturing check out this VINchain post:

Also you can check our our new video with all the results here:

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