What separates VINchain from other blockchain startups

December 19, 2018

VINchain provides a decentralized database for vehicle information, sourced from more than 350 million Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) records. Backed by industry-leading partners and a premium-rated ICO, this award-winning startup is run by a team of industry experts with more than 10 years’ experience in every aspect of the automotive industry.

Reliable Databases
The company aims to collect the largest variety of vehicle data and build behavioral, diagnostic, and contextual datasets. These can be used by everyone from dealerships, to insurers, original equipment manufacturers to fleet managers to increase customer service, improve their business, and manage vehicles better. The core of VINchain’s database, is a custom-built blockchain, which makes datasets reliable, transparent and trustworthy, and ensures that data is always accurate.

Feature Packed App
VINchain’s innovative app delivers reliable and accurate deep analytics and behavioral analysis to smartphones and tablets. The advanced On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) device provides detailed feedback in real-time and enables users to monitor the health of their vehicles or fleet. Paired with the OBD, the app creates a robust and reliable ecosystem that is both exceptionally powerful and easy-to-use.

Tokens of Success
One of VINchain’s stand-out features is the VINcoin tokens. VINcoin is a utility token that allows customers to access features and services, such as comprehensive vehicle histories. VINcoins are earned by adding to the blockchain through the sharing of vehicle data. VINchain’s state-of-the-art OBD device makes it super easy to share diagnostic information about your vehicle or fleet. Customers can access their VINcoins via the Live VINchain Wallet. Here customers can check their VINcoin balance, send and receive VINcoin tokens, and forms an integral part of the blockchain.

Solid Blockchain
The VINchain blockchain is based on Graphene (bitshares) technology, which is even more reliable than the popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum. To see the VINchain blockchain in action customers can see the block formation, get a brief overview of the entire blockchain, as well as check network status through Live VINchain Blockchain, and trace tokens and individual VINcoin transactions through the Live VINchain Block Explorer. With Live VINchain Data Verifier customers can verify the data that is added by our partners are reliable and accurate. These features create trust among customers that the information provided by VINchain is detailed and true.

Developer Friendly
VINchain employs a flexible API that gives developers the opportunity to build incredible solutions for our partners. The  code was created to utilize the power of VINchain’s custom-built blockchain, and all the code is available on Github, making it easy to access and easy to use. Clear and simple documentation guides developers through best practices and how to implement the code to get the most out of the API.

While there are a number of competitors providing vehicle information, none of these can come close to VINchain’s experience, attention to detail, unique approach, and sheer scope of their innovative vehicle information system.

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