What separates VINchain from competitors?

Though VINchain has competitors in the same sphere, we have far more experience in relevant sectors and are poised to make a much greater impact. Our team members have been in this industry for over 10 years and have a wealth of diverse experience.
In order to create a uniquely detailed picture of a vehicle’s history, VINchain will utilize information from diverse sources such as dealers, manufactories, service stations, the vehicle itself and from other relevant sources. We are aiming to spread our project all over the world, starting in the United States as this industry is mostly developed there and our team has extensive experience particularly on the U.S. market. As our platform grows, we plan to expand our project to Europe and Asia.
We are building our own blockchain instead of using the ETH platform in order to avoid overloading the system, and steer clear of scaling problems.
No other competitor has the same experience, approach, attention to detail, and scope of vision as the VINchain team.

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