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We believe that our project will be beneficial for the entire automotive community, i.e. for nearly everybody, including vehicle purchasers and sellers, manufacturers, banks and other financial institutions, insurance companies and vehicle dealers. For example, manufacturers will be able to utilize our platform to develop marketing and production plans and decide for or against providing warranty service. Our project will help to build loyalty and trust-based relations between dealers and buyers due to clarity of information. Dealers will be able to utilize the VINchain platform to accurately determine the market value and history of a vehicle. Insurance companies will be able to utilize our platform to identify undisclosed or, the opposite, fabricated accidents and protect themselves and subsequent owners from scammers and fraud. Banks and leasing companies will be able to utilize the platform to ascertain an accurate price of a vehicle when offering loans. Service stations will be able to carry out inspection and detect hidden defects more accurately. There are limitless potential applications of the data we will collect!

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