Everyone, complete the token swap - while it's still free!

everyone, complete the token swap - while it's still free!

Tokens will be unlocked at the end of the week!

As many of you already know, we have been waiting for the majority of the ICO participants to complete the token swap. Right now we can say that not enough people have went through the token swap, and so for those of you who have yet to go through the swap - Please do so now! We cannot wait any longer - and we will unlock the tokens at the end of the week!

If you don’t swap now, you will have to pay a commission later!!!
Currently you can still swap your tokens without paying a commission. Once the tokens are unlocked at the end of this week, you will have to pay a transaction fee in order to complete the tokens swap. Please hurry and do the token swap now!

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Tokens Swap Written Instructions

Having trouble with the token swap?
Don’t worry, help is just one message away! Reach out to us on Telegram with your questions and our friendly admins will be happy to assist you.

If you don't swap your tokens, they will be locked and un-tradable!
If you do not swap your tokens as soon as possible, then your tokens will be locked and un-tradable! You will not be able to participate in trading your tokens on exchanges! - so please complete the token swap ASAP!

VINchain wallet release at the end of the week!
After the tokens are swapped and unlocked they will reside in your VINchain wallet. The wallet will officially be released this week. Please remember that the security of your wallet is guaranteed by your private key, so ALWAYS make sure to keep your private key safe! - We cannot recover your private key if it is lost or stolen!

Questions and Answers:

Q) What is a token swap?
A) As you all know we will be using our own blockchain (not Etherium) and our own VINchain wallet that you can use to store your VIN tokens! In order for our tokens to be stored in your wallet, they first have to be converted from the Ethereum based tokens that they are now, into VINchain blockchain compatible tokens. This is known as a token swap.

Q) Why is a token swap necessary?
A) You have to go through a token swap so that your tokens become tradable, transferable, and usable.

Q) Who has to do the token swap?
A) Everyone has to go through a token swap

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