The VINchain blockchain is live and we are ready to go!

the vinchain blockchain is live and we are ready to go!

Dear VINchain community,

We are glad to announce that our blockchain is officially live again now!

As you all know due to the changes in US legislation we had to refund all the US ICO contributors.

In order to do that we stopped the swap and suspended our blockchain for some time to process the refund. It took us a little longer than expected as we have been waiting for people to fill out the necessary documents.

Right now we have refunded the majority of US contributors. Those who haven’t confirmed the refund address need to do so inside their account, and they will get the refund at the end of the week. The refunds will continue to be processed once each week on Friday.

If you went through the token swap previously, then you need to reactivate your wallet so you can freely use your tokens. Please follow these instructions to reactivate your wallet: (  ). This guide is intended for those who have went through the token swap process already.

If you haven’t completed the token swap then you will be able to do it in your account later today. Here is are guides for how to do so:

Token Swap Video Tutorial:
Token Swap Written Instructions:

After you complete the swap you will be able to see your tokens within 24 hours in your VIN wallet! Thank you all for your patience and for the support of our project.

Also we want to address the issue of the delay with the exchanges. This is all due to the fact that we are not an ERC-20 token, and so exchanges are having difficulties integrating our token into their trading platform. We apologize for this. We are waiting for our listed exchanges to finalize the integration. We will announce our official listing as soon as the exchanges are done integrating us! In the meantime we are working on being listed on additional exchanges, which we will announce as soon as they officially accept us.

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