VINstuff #35 (April 1 - April 30)

vinstuff #35  (april 1 - april 30)
May 3, 2019

Dear VINchain community,

As always we are excited to bring you good news. In today's VINstuff we’ll cover what we’ve been up to in the month of April. Thank you to our great community for your support - together we will revolutionize the automotive industry!

Check out our video with today's announcement:

1) Reports sold so far

Over the course of the last year or so we have been providing access to some of our data for free. We did this to build up interest in the project, showcasing the vast amount of data that we collected and to show the automotive industry that we are serious about vehicle history. Only a week ago we began selling our VINchain vehicle history reports and we are very happy to see great traction. In just this one week we sold 575 full reports. Thank you all for such amazing support and let’s continue to move full speed ahead!

As we have stated in a previous announcement, 90% of the amount that we receive in fiat will be converted into VIN tokens, which will be purchased from exchanges. We honor our promises and this week we bought out 823,524 tokens. The buy back wallet address is:

You can check our reports here:  - VIN tokens and Fiat accepted :)

2) VINchain launched in Europe!

We are so excited to venture into new territories and explore new possibilities. The first country that we venture into is Sweden. The US is still our main focus, but the time has come to branch out and continue our quest to bring transparency to the automotive industry worldwide. The Swedish version of the website can be found here:

Read more here:

3) Technical update

Alongside launching in a new country, we have also made some updates to our website ( to reflect all of the developments with the Vehicle history reports, Connected car platform, BaaS (Blockchain as a  Service) and custom tokens.

The development is ongoing, we are doing our best to make our visions come to fruition. Stay updated so not to miss a beat ;)

Join our announcement group to stay up to date on all news and developments at:

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