Why tracking your car is important

why tracking your car is important
November 8, 2018

Over the past century, cars have become an essential part of our daily lives. Despite the significant expansion of public transport, cars remain one of the most important methods of mobility for most. The value cars add to our lives is almost immeasurable so it’s vital to maintain your car in a good operating condition.

Another important tool that we can almost not do without these days is smartphones. These computers in our pockets enable everything from checking the weather, ordering gourmet meals, keeping up with your health and tracking packages.

Why is it that smartphones only cost a hundred bucks, but cars cost thousands and lack the most basic features for security and tracking?

What if car owners, could use their smartphones to interface with their car? They could enjoy GPS tracking of their vehicle, request roadside assistance, keep an eye on their kids and carefully monitor the condition of their car.

All of these are made possible by VINchain.

With our app and connected device, you can make your car as smart as your phone.

The innovative VINchain Connected Car Device provides a host of powerful features that helps you get the most out one of your most valuable assets:

GPS live tracking
With an onboard GPS, you can find your car in a crowded lot or keep an eye on the young drivers in your family. Anyone who lives in a crowded city, parks at a huge mall or has made the responsible move after a night of drinking knows that losing your car isn’t as impossible as it sounds.

Set custom ranges around your work, home or other area to receive notification when your car leaves these areas.

Theft detection
When cars are stolen, it is often too late for the police to find it. If your car starts moving unexpectedly, you will receive immediate notification so law enforcement can respond immediately. They’ll have an easy job with the GPS tracking to help find your car.

Trip logging
Keep track of your driving habits and trips for tax records, maximizing your commute, and becoming the smartest driver you can.

You won’t be left relying on a vague check engine light. Our diagnostics will keep you up to speed with engine information and operating details.

Lower insurance premiums
Right now, you’re paying for all the worst drivers on the road. If you share your driving data with insurance companies, they can offer personalized policies with lower rates for good drivers.

Service reminders
You’ll receive notifications for the service you need, when you need it. Don’t keep the worry of maintenance and repairs hanging over your head.

Service location
Find the closest gas stations, service centers, tow-in services, car washes and insurance companies easily through our app.

Improve your driving
Our app gives you tips on how to become a safer and more efficient driver. Finally, a backseat driver who actually helps.

Emergency assistance
We’ll connect you to roadside assistance and even give remote control of your vehicle in the event of an emergency.

Crash logging
When the unexpected happens, the accelerometer records crash data with accurate timestamps for use with insurance companies and lawsuits.

What’s more, our connected device allows you to earn VIN tokens each time you share your car’s data. These tokens can then be used to get discounts on services, car history reports, or traded for money.

In addition to consumers, businesses can make incredible use of our connected device.

VINchain’s tracking platform allows fleet owners to track their entire fleet of vehicles simultaneously, track idle time, fuel consumption, exact location of each vehicle, and more. All of these features add up to a more manageable, more efficient fleet. Better management translates to less time spent by owners and their employees, more efficiency means less repairs and less money.

VINchain makes tracking your car simple and easy. Simply get the app, plug in the connected device, and start to benefit the powerful tools VINchain provides.

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