Make your car a "Smart car"

in two simple steps:

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Get the device!

Simply purchase the VINchain OBD Device and plug it into your car. All cars that have been manufactured after 1997 are compatible

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Download the App!

The VINchain app is available for both Android and iOS

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Built on Blockchain Technology

As soon as you plug a VINchain OBD device into your car, you tap into all of the benefits of the most cutting edge technology in the world - the blockchain.

On the VINchain blockchain
all of the data is:

100% transparent

Information cannot be hidden or omitted. Everything is 100% transparent and easily verifiable by anyone in the network

Easily accessible

Everything on the blockchain is easily accessible by all. No one is left of the system, and everyone can access from anywhere. Democratized information for all.


Data on the VINchain blockchain cannot be changed and there remains an immutable record of all of the data

Completely Secure

Blockchain technology is known to be the most secure in the world. Information on our blockchain is encrypted, and remains completely safe.

Owned by you

Data on the blockchain belongs to the one who generated that information. So as soon as you plug in a VINchain OBD device, you own all of the data that gets transmitted by that device. This means that you decide what information you share and with whom. Thats the way data should be.

Personalize your entire vehicle ownership experience

Service reminders

Get notifications from your selected dealer for service reminders to make sure your car is in top shape

Personalized offers

Get only the most relevant offers based on your driving behavior from third party providers - don’t worry your data is safe with us

Connect with 1000’s of other apps

Your VINchain OBD device can be paired with services such as IFTTT which allow you to pair your device with 1000’s of other apps, to completely personalize your entire vehicle ownership experience

Maintenance offers

Get notified when your car needs a specific service based on your driving habits and vehicle usage

Choose your dealer

Choose from local dealers in a much more streamlined way for your next service and maintenance appointment

Easily Switch between cars

Got a new car? No problem, just plug your VINchain OBD device into your new ride, and you’re good to go

Track and analyze your driving

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Find your car in a vast parking lot and keep an eye on your kids where and how they drive

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Roadside assistance

If there is ever an accident or you get stuck on the side of the road, VINchain will connect you with roadside assistance providers and automatically share your location, so help will be there in no time

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Find out what that check engine light actually means - Know exactly whats happening under the hood without needing an engineering degree.

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Trip Logging

See a historical record of all of your trips. Very useful for keeping track of business vehicle usage

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Geo - notifications

Get notified when your car enters or leaves a specific area - like your home or office

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Collision notifications

Get notified when your vehicle has been involved in an accident or had had a sudden sharp brake. Have a piece of mind when you lend your car to your kids or friends

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Know the Current vehicle condition

Know whats happening with your vehicle at all times (motion, parked, etc.) and how safe the overall condition of your ride is

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Get weekly driving summary

Average speed, average mileage, Engine operating time, Stop durations, and so much more

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Leaderboards for trip scoring

Get scored based on how you drive and compare your score with your friends on online leaderboards

Earn while saving time and money

Total control of your data

Our entire system is backed by blockchain technology, which guarantees that your data belongs to you - you are in control of which data gets shared

Get rewarded for driving

When you choose to share your data with the network, you get rewarded with VINchain tokens which have a monetary value and can be redeemed for USD or other currencies

Increase the value of your car when its time to sell it

The entire story of your car is written to the blockchain, which you can share with a potential buyer - so they may be certain that they are buying a good car

Get Discounts

On goods and services like refueling, car washes, car products, and so much more

Reduce insurance costs

Reduce your insurance premium by up to 30% by sharing your driving data with your insurance company

Explore the world of possibilities with a connected vehicle