Data - the digital currency of the 21 century

Repair shops generate a great deal of information about vehicles - service performed and vehicle condition to name a few. All of this information belongs to you, and it’s worth money!

We are offering you to take control of your own data and make a profit from it too! When you participate in our system all transactions are completely transparent, you can see who purchases your data, when, and how much you were paid for it. Each data transaction is paid for using VIN tokens

VIN tokens are worth real money and can be used for purchasing data such as vehicle history reports or live driver data


How will this data and VINchain help me in my business?

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App personnalisée

Marché ciblé avec la précision d'une lunette laser

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Marketing contextuel

Collaborer et communiquer avec les clients.

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Analyses Big Data

Elaborer une démarche éclairée et intelligente.

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Dispositf de voiture connectée VINchain

Collaborer et communiquer avec les clients.

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Gestion du parc auto

Gestion d'inventiare GPS + suivre et analyser votre parc auto de location.

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Vendez vos données

Arrêtez de payer pour vos données et accumulez grâce à elles.

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By contributing your data once, we do everything else for you so you can get
 the most profit possible! 
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Part of vehicle history report

Vehicle history reports with your data for a low price!

When you share your data, you contribute to and help create vehicle history reports. This means that you can in turn purchase reports for a significantly lower amount as compared to what is available on the market.

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We will bring your customer back to you using Artificial Intelligence!

Using various functions of the mobile application and intelligent algorithms, we will bring your customers back at just the right time.

The app automatically reminds the user when it is time for their vehicle’s next service.

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Partnering with VINchain makes your business global!

Together with our partners, you get the opportunity to advertise your inventory on the global automobile market - USA, Europe, Africa, Canada.

And all you have to do is contribute your data to VINchain!

Utilizing our data platform, our partner A Better Bid car auctions, one of the largest brokers for Copart, was able to increase their sales by 32%

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Our network of partners ensures security and simplicity in growing your business at every step

Bidux, a trusted partner, will prepare all necessary paperwork to transport your vehicle to any corner of the world!

All you have to do is contribute your data about the sale of the vehicle to the VINchain blockchain - our system will handle everything else.

This is the most optimal way to do business, especially with the pandemic, as most customers are doing their shopping online.

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Attract More Shoppers. Сonvert More Buyers.

Knowing what to pay starts with understanding the current market.

By analyzing current supply levels, shopper demand, competitive vehicles and dealership performance, our forecasting engine shows exactly how a potential acquisition fits into the market and how it will sell on your lot.

Join us today to help us create the future of the automotive industry!