VINchain is One of the Top 4 Global Blockchain Startups

vinchain is one of the top 4 global blockchain startups
February 19, 2020

Dear VINchain Community,

We are very happy to say that VINchain has been named as one of the top 4 global Blockchain Startups according to StartUs Insights! What a great news! StartUs Insights is a worldwide operating company that specialized in the early identification of emerging startups, technologies, and their business models. They were looking into emerging technologies among startups working on solutions for the automotive sector. And as you know this is our main focus as we remind you even in our previous update. We are putting all our efforts together to reduce the amount of fraud in the automotive industry. VINchain was shortlisted to the top among 89 other Blockchain startups impacting automotive. And we are more than happy to share this news with you. 
We’ll for sure continue to work hard to make all our plans come true and it’s just another confirmation that we keep moving in the right direction!

Read more how StartUs Insights see the role of Blockchain for the auto industry here:

Thanks for being with us and don’t forget to check our extensive vehicle history reports confirmed by the Blockchain here: Before buying your next vehicle - remember to get acquainted with its history!

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