VINchain Update

vinchain update
November 15, 2019

Dear VINchain community,

The week comes to an end and we have another weekly update. The development of our GPS tracking platform is continuing, and so we are working hard to meet all our plans and goals. This week we added a new feature - Tech history!

The Tech history section is designed to show you the state of critical factors like air filter, tire pressure, and battery level for every connected car in your account. These things are important in order for your vehicle to operate smoothly and efficiently, helping you avoid any unexpected issues and repairs. In our previous update we’ve announced that we added Driving reports where you’ll be able to have full control over what information gets utilized in a report. You will be able to create custom reports utilizing parameters such as: time or day from start, trips, connection status, notifications, fuel consumption, number of devices, and various other parameters. If you would like to see what we have finished and are in test mode please follow this link for more information:    

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Regarding the VINchain vehicle history reports sold so far:
This week: 1795 vehicle history reports
Bought back: 1979915,379 VIN  
Link to the buyback:          

Remember to check the vehicle's history before you invest into it! To get our extensive vehicle history reports please follow this link:

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

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