VINstuff #37 (May 18 - May 31)

vinstuff #37 (may 18 - may 31)
June 3, 2019

Dear VINchain community,

We are happy to share with you our latest news about what we’ve been up to during the second half of May. We are constantly developing and growing. We are excited to share what we have done over the last two weeks.

Check out our video with today's announcement:

1) GPS tracking system
We have been hard at work developing our Connected Car platform. Currently we are in the process of conducting final testing, and we will share our market ready solution shortly. Our VINchain community will be the first to get early access to the platform.  

Our Connected Car platform will allow you to: Get rewarded for sharing your data, being able to track your vehicle’s location via GPS, monitoring the condition and diagnostics of your car, integrate your car with your other smart devices, getting custom notifications about vehicle events that are important to you, create geo-fences and get notified when your vehicle enters or leaves that area and more. We are looking forward to giving our community early access to the platform

2) Localization and Custom token
We are getting ready for new updates with European data. In our efforts to launch new countries, we have made updates to our website. We have localized more versions which include Polish, German, Lithuanian and French.

Just as a reminder, here is the link to our VINchain Custom token Companies who are interested in tokenization for their businesses could create their own custom tokens on our platform and get all the advantages of blockchain technology.

3) Reports sold
This week we sold 982 vehicle history reports
We bought back 2426669,964 VIN tokens
Here is the link:  

Thank you all as always! Join our announcement group to stay up to date on all the news and developments -  

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