VINchain Important Update

vinchain important update
April 17, 2020

Dear VINchain Community,

Please take a few minutes to review today’s important announcement!

As you may know the situation in the crypto world is complicated due to the pandemic. Trading volumes on most exchanges have plummeted. As you know we are listed on IDCM. We’ve analyzed our presence at this exchange and we have concluded that we can't see a flourishing future there. The trading volume is low and we are going to be delisted. Everyone who has their tokens currently in IDCM needs to withdraw their tokens ASAP. The withdraw deadline will be on 22 April 2020. 

Regarding our reports sold so far: we are happy to say that this week we’ve sold 71,315 VINchain vehicle history reports through our API. Another great result! All reports are confirmed by the blockchain technology that means that information can not be falsified, changed or deleted.

Don’t miss a chance to join our announcement channel to stay up to date on all news and developments at:

If you'll have any questions - please contact us.
Stay safe and don't forget to withdrawal your tokens from IDCM exchange!

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