VINchain Update

vinchain update
November 22, 2019

Dear VINchain community,

As per usual, we are enthusiastic to share our weekly update. We are so excited to continuously get closer to the release of our GPS tracking platform, and this week we added a new feature - Fleet management! This option will allow you to track a range of functions, such as vehicle maintenance, licensing, accident management, vehicle telematics that includes tracking and diagnostics, such as driver management, speed management, fuel management, and safety management.

Some time ago we’ve added a separate feature, the Driving reports section, where you’ll have full control over what information gets utilized in a report. There is also the Tech history which is designed to show you the state of critical factors like air filter, tire pressure, and battery level for every connected car in your account. You can check other features that have been finished and are in test mode that we announced earlier here:  

Visit our GPS fleet tracking website and you'll be the first to know how the system works.

Regarding the VINchain vehicle history reports sold so far:
This week: 1742 vehicle history reports
Bought back: 1921455,482 VIN  
Link to the buyback:           

Remember to check our extensive vehicle history reports here:   

Join the conversation in our telegram group and make sure you follow VINchain official announcement channel and you’ll be the first to know all our latest news.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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