VINstuff #30 (Dec 10 - Dec 23)

December 21, 2018

Dear VINchain community,

We have an exciting update regarding the direction VINchain will continue to grow in the future and some stellar content to share. If you’re hungry for information on the path for VINchain and the future of the automotive industry, this is the update for you! After all, we’re grateful to count blockchain and automotive enthusiasts (dorks) among both our team and supporters.

Check out our video with today's announcements:

1) VINchain Connected Car partners

As we develop our onboard diagnostic (OBD) device and platform (branded as VINchain Connected Car Device), we are committed to partnering with dealerships and service centers. We believe our device platform is vital to develop as the means to produce first revenue and demonstrate the incredible utility of our blockchain data marketplace. With the National Automotive Dealership Association (NADA) Show fast approaching, we are devoted to courting mutually beneficial partnerships. We believe having a beta OBD platform is the most surefire way to accomplish this while highlighting the strengths of VINchain.

If you represent a dealership or service center, reach out to to learn more.

2) VINchain Big Data

Our plans to launch data analytic services (branded as VINchain Big Data) are something that many of our followers may not be aware of. Across all industries, all modern, hugely successful companies share one similarity: their ability to utilize data to guide their decisions.

An old saying reminds us that to be forewarned is to be forearmed, that knowledge is power. This power can be used to better serve customers by better knowing their needs, to more efficiently engage resources like fleet vehicles, to guide marketing and sales decisions and more-- the sky's the limit. Data sets are only limited by the quality and scope of the information used, which is why VINchain remains devoted to building the largest and highest quality vehicle data marketplace.

Our data analytic services empower companies with blockchain information to most effectively guide their business through the treacherous terrain of the automotive sector and beyond.

3) 2019 Roadmap

The holidays are traditionally a slower time of year for business, as people spent time with their loved ones and travel. With this in mind, we’re focused on the future of VINchain in 2019 and will be updating our roadmap as the new year rolls around-- stay tuned for exciting developments still to come.

We’re grateful as always for our incredible community, be sure to join the conversation on Telegram to talk directly with the team!

4) Content highlight

We’ve continued to produce specialized content for our blog in order to inform and educate our community and beyond. Be sure to check out our two most recent articles on what makes VINchain stand out from the crowd and some tips for dealers to keep customers around.

What separates VINchain from other blockchain startups

Five things dealerships can do to increase customer retention

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