Data - the digital currency of the 21 century

Repair shops generate a great deal of information about vehicles - service performed and vehicle condition to name a few. All of this information belongs to you, and it’s worth money!

We are offering you to take control of your own data and make a profit from it too! When you participate in our system all transactions are completely transparent, you can see who purchases your data, when, and how much you were paid for it. Each data transaction is paid for using VIN tokens

VIN tokens are worth real money and can be used for purchasing data such as vehicle history reports or live driver data


How will this data and VINchain help me in my business?

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Оптимизированное Приложение

Обоснованный целевой маркетинг

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Контекстный Маркетинг

Привлекайте клиентов и общайтесь с ними.

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Big Data аналитика

Настраиваемый подход к различным решениям

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VINchain Connected Car девайс

Привлекайте клиентов и общайтесь с ними.

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Управление автопарком

Аналитика и GPS менеджмент + отслеживайте и анализируйте ваши прокатные авто.

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Продавайте данные

Хватит платить за свои данные, пришло время на них заработать.

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By contributing your data once, we do everything else for you so you can get
 the most profit possible! 
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We will bring your customer back to you using Artificial Intelligence!

Using various functions of the mobile application and intelligent algorithms, we will bring your customers back at just the right time.

The app automatically reminds the user when it is time for their vehicle’s next service.

An appointment for the 15th of June is created

A description of the problem is sent (with photos attached)

A reminder is set up for the 14th of June

Required information is available at the warehouse or business

The car is at the station

The order is taken by Kevin Smith

Works begins are 4pm

Pick up time is sent to the customer

The car is repaired with the help of the app, customer and OBD data

The customer arrives at 12pm on the 16th of June to retrieve their vehicle

Customer leaves with a positive experience

Plan work needed, and the necessary specialists that are needed

Get notified when a specific service is needed for your customer, plan work needed, and the necessary specialists that are needed specifically for these jobs.

This will allow you to bring your specialists in specifically when they are needed!

Platform where customers can find you and sign up for an appointment

We offer a free platform where customers can find you and sign up for an appointment with you!

Establish an additional channel of communication with clients through a customized app!

Join us today to help us create the future of the automotive industry!