8 Benefits of vehicle tracking

8 benefits of vehicle tracking
November 21, 2018

Vehicle tracking is great for when you want to know the whereabouts of your car or your fleet, but these days vehicle tracking is about so much more than just a location on a map. Modern vehicle tracking devices are capable of providing live feedback of the condition of the vehicle, driver behavior, fuel consumption, proactively identify potential problems before they arise, and allows you to schedule maintenance more effectively.That’s just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits of vehicle tracking.

Here are eight important benefits of vehicle tracking for you and your fleet:

Cost Saving
Tracking your vehicle or fleet can save you money and help you manage your costs better. By monitoring things like fuel consumption, general wear-and-tear, and potential problems, you can schedule preventative maintenance exactly when it is needed. It also eliminates expenses like speeding fines, as drivers can be held accountable for their actions.

Discounts on Insurance
Most insurance companies these days offer discounts on premiums for cars that have tracking systems installed, since they lower the risk of these vehicles by making them trackable in an event of theft. Since tracking devices can track driving behavior, some companies offer even further discount for good driving.

Safety of drivers and vehicles
Vehicle tracking allows you to plan the quickest, safest routes for your drivers, and allows them to avoid any problems such as traffic jams, accidents, and road construction. Tracking devices also provide theft protection by sending alerts of suspicious behavior, and can aid in recovery of a stolen vehicle. Since tracking devices communicate information about the condition of the vehicle, you can ensure that your car or fleet is always reliable, ensuring the safety of your drivers, and cutting the cost of replacement of stolen vehicles. This also lowers your risk with insurers, leading to even further reductions in premiums.

Better customer service
Because you can see exactly where the vehicle is and what the driver is doing, what route he’s following and potential problems on the route, you can give customers more accurate delivery times, and ensure that goods are delivered on-time. If a customer calls for a pick-up, nearby vehicles can be identified and sent to the customer’s location.

Increased Productivity
With vehicle tracking it is possible for fleet managers to pick the most cost-effective routes, and assign drivers best suited to certain routes. Since drivers know they are being monitored, they are less likely to waste company time, and thus perform their duties better and faster. The ability to avoid problems on the route also helps to increase productivity.

Manage employees better
It is often difficult to determine how well drivers are performing. Vehicle tracking enables you to identify driver performance and schedule extra training for under-performing drivers. The information provided by tracking systems also allows you to structure training better to address certain problems or challenges.

Improved administration
The ability to monitor things like fuel economy, distance traveled, and maintenance, takes a big load off of administrative staff, allowing them to focus their attention on the smooth and efficient running of the company. Tracking systems collect a lot of data that can easily be used in reports and analysis, cutting down time spent researching and compiling data considerably.

Better management of vehicle lifecycle
Vehicle tracking makes lifecycle management a lot easier and a lot more efficient. The data on the overall condition of vehicles, leads to better, more preventative maintenance, extending the life of a vehicle. This has the potential to save the company a lot of money in the long run, since new vehicle purchases are kept to a minimum.

Tracking vehicles have become an integral part of effective fleet management. In fact, business owners and fleet managers who track their vehicles have a distinct advantage over competitors who don’t. As vehicle tracking technology develops, it is going to play an even greater role in the success of business that rely on vehicles. Even for private vehicle owners, the cost savings and peace of mind that vehicle tracking brings, makes it an integral part of the vehicle experience.

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