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What to look for in a vehicle history report

March 14, 2019
A vehicle history report is one of the first things you should get when looking at buying a used car. It is a way to safeguard you against scammers and dishonest sellers, and make sure that the car you are buying is safe, and worth the asking price.... read more...

VINchain Making Waves Across the UK

March 11, 2019
Dear VINchain community, We’re one step further in our expansion and quest to bring VINchain to Europe by way o... read more...

VIN Deposits Open on CoinTiger -- Don't Miss the Trading Competition!

March 6, 2019
Dear VINchain community, We’re overjoyed to announce that VIN token deposits have officially opened on CoinTige... read more...

VIN Listing on CoinTiger Exchange Creates Opportunity to Win Tokens

March 5, 2019
Dear VINchain Community, We’re thrilled to announce that our VIN tokens (VIN) have been listed on CoinTiger, jo... read more...

Who owns the most valuable part of your car?

February 27, 2019
What is the most valuable part of your car? Most people will pop the hood and tell you it’s the fuel-efficient mot... read more...

Blockchain automotive revenue opportunities

February 20, 2019
Market research done in 2018 by strategy and marketing consultancy, Simon-Kucher & Partners revealed that consumers... read more...

How blockchain is making car ownership easier

February 13, 2019
Blockchain technology is already having a massive impact on the automotive industry. From manufacturing to insurance, an... read more...

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