Don't risk thousands of dollars!

Check our report before you buy a vehicle

  • Find any undisclosed damage
  • Check if the mileage has been rolled-back
  • See photos of the vehicle
  • Check previous registrations
  • Check if the vehicle has been stolen
  • Get details of upcoming maintenance
  • Find out the vehicle model faults
  • And much more!

Our story

VINchain was founded after our team of experts observed firsthand problems faced across the automotive sector

  • Currently available vehicle history reports are expensive and have outdated, incorrect or falsified information
  • Used car buyers can not be confident in their purchase
  • There is no incentive for consumers and businesses to share their vehicle information
  • Vehicle data is not transparent and is segmented between manufacturers, dealers and others

What we offer

Profit by driving

Earn VIN tokens.

Accurate vehicle history

Fraud proof.

Connect your vehicle

Your car, smarter.

Earn with VINchain

You can earn VINchain tokens (worth real money) by using the VINchain Connected Car platform or by becoming our data provider.

Drive and Earn

Tap into the power of the connected car platform and earn rewards for driving your vehicle

Data partners

The future of automotive data

We collect vehicle information from every available source and store it securely on our blockchain.

Spending tokens

1. Discounts

Receive exclusive offers and discounts from our partners

2. Exchange for money

Send your tokens to an exchange, and redeem for real money

3. Vehicle History Reports

Get access to in depth vehicle history reports

4. Personalized Insurance premiums

Coming soon

Make your vehicle smarter

VINchain Connected Car

VINchain App

Personalized offers and discounts. iPhone or Android.

VINchain Connected Car Device

Make your car as smart as your phone. One-step install.

VINchain Connected Car benefits

VIN tokens

Earn by sharing your information. Your data, your decision.

Live tracking

Keep an eye on your most valuable assets. Set custom geofences.


Communicate with your car like never before.

Vehicle history reports

Accurate and affordable.


Never overpay or miss another oil change again. Access personalized offers.

Sell your car for more

Keep a complete history of your vehicle data.

Driving analysis

Learn to make your driving safer and more efficient.

Crash logging

Protect yourself with a detailed record of collisions with timestamps.

VINchain Connected Car for Dealerships

Contextual marketing to gain new customers and retain old ones

  • Increase service appointment rates by 27%
  • Increase $/repair order by 19%
  • Reduce customer wait time by up to 60%
  • Increase customer satisfaction (CSI) by 16%

Contextual marketing

Save Money

Your data. Your choice.

CarFax AutoCheck
Offer for 20
dealer vehicles
500 tokens
(≈ $2.50)
$319.80 No offers
like ours
Offer for 40
dealer vehicles
1,000 tokens
(≈ $5.00)
$659.60 $280.00
Offer for 100
dealer vehicles
2,500 tokens
(≈ $12.50)
$1,679.00 $525.00

Profit from your data

  • VINchain compensates all data providers every time their data is used with VIN tokens - dealerships and customers both get paid
  • VIN tokens are worth real money and can be used in the system for data purchases, like vehicle history reports or live driver data

VINchain Connected Car for insurance companies

VINchain helps insurers easily roll out usage based insurance programs

High Quality Data

Lightning fast data sampling

Reliable cellular network

Insightful reporting

Fast Deployment

Ready to pay users

No set up required

Fully managed platform

Great customer experience

Simple interface

Engaging features

Reliable support


Blockchain secured data. Information cannot be tampered

Access entire driving history

VINchain benefits for businesses

Customized App

Engage and communicate with customers.

Contextual Marketing

Laser-scope accurate targeted marketing.

Big Data Analytics

Make informed and intelligent decisions

VINchain Connected Car Device

Engage and communicate with customers.

Fleet Management

GPS inventory managment + track & analize your loaner fleet.

Sell your data

Stop paying for your data and start earning from it.

Acquire new customers

Market to customer at the exact time they need a service.

Vehicle history reports

Buy high quality low cost vehicle history reports.

Benefits for fleet tracking

Live GPS tracking

Know where your cars are at all times.

Live diagnostics

Ensure your fleet is in perfect health.

Intuitive Interface

Made just for dealers. Easily manage 100’s of cars

Easy transfer

Easily transfer the device from one car to the next.

Integrate Blockchain into your business without the hassle

Fully customized solutions based on your business specifications



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