Grandes problemas en la industria automotriz

All vehicle information can be falsified, including odometer mileage, accident history, number of owners, usage history and other information important to the vehicle’s value

When buying a used vehicle, you can lose money due to unknown or hidden issues

As a seller, you can not ask for a price your vehicle deserves because the buyer cannot be confident in the true condition of the vehicle

Existing vehicle databases are closed off and do not share information with one another

Currently available vehicle information is out-of-date, unreliable and not updated frequently

La Idea y Solución

VINchain is creating a worldwide decentralized database of vehicle information that is 100% transparent, reliable and accessible by everyone. This database is blockchain based, which guarantees that information on it has not been faked, changed or deleted. The blockchain guarantees full transparency and builds trust in the system.

Information is captured from country registries, insurance and leasing companies, partnered services, private registers, paid APIs and certified members. Information is also captured directly from the vehicle via a On-board Diagnostic (OBD) device, so data is live and updated in real time.

Our platform is an open system so that anyone can join and benefit from our network. VINchain will provide you with 100% reliable and accurate information about the vehicle you’re considering for purchase, so you can be absolutely sure that it’s safe to drive!

VINchain App

The VINchain app will make the usage of your vehicle as safe as possible with deep analytics, behavioral analysis, and diagnostic monitoring so you can drive with confidence!

Cuál es la utilidad de esta información

VINchain API

VINchain will provide an API solution for insurance companies, leasing companies and claim handling services by giving them API access to our database

VINchain App

VINchain will provide information that you choose to share about your driving style to your insurance company so they will be able to create a custom policy catered to your needs


Our partners will be able to sell VINchain verified vehicle reports to their customers with their own branding OR supplement their own reports with VINchain data

¡Versión Alfa disponible!

VINchain Reports

The information collected by VINchain will be used to create transparent and reliable reports that will be available for purchase

Trustworthy Database

VINchain is a decentralized and transparent database where the information is impossible to fraudulently modify and can be counted on over time

Análisis Macro de Información

The statistical information collected by VINchain will be used for big data analytics for large enterprise

Why VINchain is the Leader

Información Importante

VINchain is aiming to collect the largest variety of used vehicle data. We will collect data from all possible sources including 3rd party companies, to build behavioral, diagnostic and contextual data sets. This paints a more complete and accurate picture of a vehicle’s history.

Ecosistema Seguro

With the help of our app you will have access to a number of features, including deep analytics regarding the operation of your vehicle. Before driving, you will have access to all your vehicle’s data and ensure it is safe to drive. All of the data will be stored in our system so different services will be able to create relevant maintenance and repair offers catered to your needs.

Powered by Blockchain Technology

All the information about your vehicle will be stored on the VINchain blockchain with the help of our app. Our partners will have access to this information, giving you direct access to services and discounts straight through the VINchain app.


VINchain covers the majority of vehicles with aftermarket hardware and software solutions. We will work with a multiple carrier for the most convenient distribution possible.

VINchain Works

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VINchain Works

Since only the seller is aware of the true condition of a used car, buyers can not be confident that they are truly purchasing a vehicle in the condition advertised. VINchain is the world’s first decentralized international automotive data marketplace that will reveal the full history of any vehicle.

Cronología de nuestra visión

Febrero de 2017

Desarrollo del concepto


23 de Noviembre de 2017

Token pre-sale to early-stage purchasers

24 de Diciembre de 2017

End of VINchain Pre-ICO

Enero de 2018

Versión Alfa del Informe VINChain

1ro de Febrero de 2018 - 15 de Abril de 2018

VINchain ICO

16 al 23 de abril de 2018

Tokens unlocked

Junio de 2018

Beta version of the VINchain Blockchain, VINchain API, VINchain app and VINchain report

4to Trimestre de 2018

Spread throughout Europe

Enero de 2019


Octubre de 2017

Libro Blanco y aprobación del concepto del proyecto

1ro Diciembre de 2017

VINchain Pre-ICO

Enero de 2018 - Abril de 2018

Desarrollo del Producto

Febrero de 2018

Versión Alfa de la Aplicación de VINChain

Marzo de 2018

Desarrollo Blockchain de VINChain

Mayo de 2018

Versión Alfa de Blockchain de VINChain

3er Trimestre de 2018

Spread throughout the USA and Europe, begin to generate revenue

Enero de 2019

Launch VINchain big data analytics for enterprise

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