Upgraded VINchain vehicle history report!

upgraded vinchain vehicle history report!
June 27, 2019

We are more than happy to share with you a newly updated version of our vehicle history report! We have improved everything, inside and out. Now you can learn more detailed information about the vehicle while enjoying the beautiful new layout of the report. 

Our ultimate goal is to help fight vehicle fraud - utilizing our mileage verification check and our blockchain technology we help do just that! Our blockchain guarantees that the information in our reports has not been altered. With the development of our sophisticated tools, we can reduce odometer manipulations by detecting and reporting them! That’s why it's very important to always get a vehicle history report before purchasing any used vehicle.

In the top section of our reports we include a short summary of the vehicle. You’ll be able to see the year, model, VIN number, any problems reported, and the number of previous owners.

Vehicle history report for Honda Fit
When looking to buy a used vehicle it’s best to have as much info as possible. That’s what the VINchain vehicle history report will give you.

Mileage/Year dependence
We show the entire mileage history of the vehicle, so any odometer manipulations are easy to spot. We collect this data from multiple sources, so you are sure to have the most accurate data.
Records list 
Our reports bring a better understanding of junk / salvage / insurance info, and provide you with a stolen vehicle check and a major title brand check.

The Auction sales section gives you detailed information, providing you with photos and in most cases even pictures of the odometer. This way you receive visual proof of the condition of the vehicle. Here are some examples:
Honda pictures
Photo of a car

And again the data is confirmed by the Blockchain. One of the best things about the blockchain - is that data becomes secure, unchangeable and reliable as well as neutral and transparent. So information that you get is proofed and confirmed.

Optimal market price analysis. The VINchain market price analysis is based on a vehicle's history such as vehicle class and age, number of owners, accident and damage history, title brands, odometer readings, etc. This information is used to compare the vehicle's favorability against the entire market of vehicles with similar specifications.
Price range of a car
Just have a look at these diagrams, with their help you’ll have an understanding how the price changes for this particular model depending on the year and mileage and also the difference between the prices for this particular vehicle on various auctions and at dealerships. Everything is clickable and can be seen separately. 

Price charts
Just follow this link https://vinchain.io/report/check and get a very detailed and blockchain confirmed VINchain Vehicle history report!

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