VINchain Update

vinchain update
February 14, 2020

❤️Happy valentines day everyone!

Since this is the day of love, we would like to share our love for car data with you in this weekly update. Our goal is to reduce the amount of fraud in the automotive sector. An important step towards that goal is to provide users with trustworthy vehicle history information. That's exactly what we do with our blockchain verified vehicle history reports. Our information is accurate, up-to-date and can't be changed or deleted. Check out our reports here:

We are in love with the amount of reports being sold so far through our API. Just this week we’ve sold 69,663 VINchain vehicle history reports! The statistics can be checked here:

A short reminder regarding the situation with IDAX exit scam. Some tokens were recovered from IDAX with the help of Cointiger team. Those tokens are being stored in this wallet: We will continue to collect all possible tokens that we can recover into this wallet. Please don't forget to send screenshots with your IDAX balance to  Besides screenshots with your balance (taken from your computer and indicating that it’s your account and not any one else’s) from IDAX we remind you to send us screenshots and a LINK with withdrawals, so it will be visible where you were making those withdrawals so we will have an understanding where to send that tokens back if it will be possible. The example of the link to send us is as follows:

Join our announcement group to stay up to date on all news and developments at:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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