VINstuff #18 (August 20 - August 26)

August 24, 2018

Dear VINchain community,

With every week that passes we have more exciting developments to share with our incredible community. VINchain is continuing our evolution across all facets of our offerings. We have been attracting new people to our already expansive team of advisors while presenting VINchain’s benefits to dealerships, manufacturers and other potential partners. We’re glad to say that every day our reach grows while making vision becomes more of a reality.

Check out our video with today's announcements:

1) Interview with Donald Harris

We’re elated to present our latest interview with our trusted advisor, Donald Harris. Donald is currently the Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis at Sonic Automotive, a Fortune 500 automotive retailer. He outlines his perspective on the VINchain project and details his picture of what the future might hold for the automotive industry as a whole. He speaks to previous career experiences and how these insights apply to VINchain. We’re glad to have Don as a team member and are excited to educate our wonderful community on our partnership.  

A video version of Donald’s interview is available at:

2) Manufacturer Fleet Tracking Solution

Development for our OEM fleet tracking solution continues behind the scenes. Fleet management has always presented a difficult challenge to dealerships and vehicle rental platforms, so we expect to see high rates of adoption once we’ve created a product that properly delivers our vision of the solution. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks!

3) Website Development

As we expand partnerships and set our sights on new markets, the demands of our web presence grow in stride. We are currently finalizing the expansion of our website, including a new dealership-focused section and more. VINchain offers benefits across dramatically diverse markets and we want to ensure that our website reflects this. Soon, every visitor to our site will leave informed and passionate about what VINchain has to offer—whether they’re a dealership, consumer or manufacturer.

Thank you for continued support. We couldn’t have made it this far without you, please comment below as your feedback is always appreciated.

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