VINstuff #19 (August 27 - September 2)

August 31, 2018

Dear VINchain community,

We’re excited to continue our growth into the fall and hope autumn finds you all well. Even though it seems like our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was just last week, we have months of growth under our belts since. We’re excited to announce another week of development with the end of summer and more opportunities on the horizon and we’re as grateful as ever to have the support of a wonderful community.

Check out our video with today's announcements:

1) Meet Our New Partner - UnbiasedAuto!

We’re glad to announce a new partnership with UnbiasedAuto personal car buying service ( They’ve earned a strong reputation for their services by making car buying cheaper and easier than ever and much like VINchain, their success began with a passionate team working together to deliver their common vision. We’re happy to count their specialists among our ranks and look forward to a beneficial partnership.

More about this partnership you can read here:

2) Onboard Diagnostic (OBD) Device  

We’ve been receiving incredible feedback on the potential of our onboard diagnostic (OBD) device from partners and industry peers and wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of its features you might not be aware of.  

The OBD device is easy to install and will have incredible value for individual consumers, families, dealerships and other companies who manage large fleets. In addition to having GPS and tracking capabilities, through the use of an accelerometer it’s capable of detecting crashes, excessive idling, aggressive driving, towing events or even theft.  

The potential applications of the VINchain OBD device are almost endless. The crash data is accurately timestamped can be accessed for insurance purposes and lawsuits. Individuals and companies who maintain a fleet can assess which drivers are putting undue wear and tear on vehicles through aggressive driving and excessive idling. We’re overjoyed that the potential application of our device in coordination with our data network grows every week in stride with our partnerships.

3) Content Development Continues

The VINchain system is multifaceted and offers value to a diversity of clients, from dealerships and insurance companies to consumers and big data firms. We are focused on providing content that offers a specialized experience for each of these markets through our website and beyond. We are committed to offering more content across all the methods of interacting with VINchain, whether it is through our Twitter, Facebook or this very newsletter. Let us know about what information and content you’d love to see more of through any of our social media channels below!

Thank you for continued support. We couldn’t have made it this far without you, please comment below as your feedback is always appreciated.

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