VINstuff #23 (Sep. 24 - Sep. 30)

vinstuff #23 (sep. 24 - sep. 30)
September 28, 2018

Dear VINchain community,

We’re excited to share another week of progress with you all. We’ve been focused on bringing our content up to speed to match our development and perfecting our offerings behind the scenes. While we love sharing headline-worthy updates with you, the subtleties of our business are just as vital to our success. This week we’ll be highlighting a few features some of our audience may not be aware of.

News: Website Update

We’re beginning to roll out our website updates this week to provide a more streamlined, specialized experience. We’re launching a section devoted to those looking to become a VINchain partner which caters directly to our many audiences. Further, the main drop down will feature sections linking to instructions to get a demo, get the device, and to learn more about our connected vehicle solution. We’ve heard your feedback and we’re adding a section on the main page to make it easier to find interviews with our expert advisors. Even more website updates in the coming weeks!

Highlight: VINchain Connected Vehicle Device

Our app teams up with our connected vehicle device to make your car smarter after a simple plug-and-play install. This simple solution enables a host of benefits outside of the ability to earn VIN tokens and we want to overview some of them for you.

Your car, smarter. A check engine light just isn’t enough information, why is every device connected now besides the most expensive investment we make? Diagnostics give peace of mind on your safety and insight into any problems so you can know what to expect before walking into the mechanic.

Driving analysis
Get scored on aggressive driving, excessive idling and efficiency in order to fine-tune your driving, reduce wear & tear and save money on gas.

GPS tracking
The geolocation system allows you to track your trips, set custom points of interest (POI) and personalize geofences around your work, home and more. This feature lets you put a close eye on a new teenage driver or keep tabs on a whole fleet of vehicles.

You’ll be able to compare scores against your friends and family to finally settle the bet on who’s the better driver. Find out if your husband or wife has earned the right to backseat drive.

Crash data
One of the least well-known features of our device is also one of the most unique. When the accelerometer detects a sudden stop event, it records crash data with accurate timestamps. This information can be vital protecting you in a lawsuit or insurance claim.

We are always looking for feedback from our incredible community. We want to hear what you want to hear. Do you love short, informative videos on our features, a tour of our office or in-depth interviews with our advisors? We’re here to make the content you want.

As always, thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned for a headline-worthy update in the works.

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