VINstuff #26 (October 15 - October 28)

vinstuff #26 (october 15 - october 28)
October 26, 2018

Dear VINchain community,

We’d recently switched over to a bi-weekly newsletter to focus our full attention on development and partnerships. That means that this edition of VINstuff is action-packed with exciting updates.

1) VINchain attended the Crypto Games Conference

We are grateful to have taken part in the influential Crypto Games Conference ( in Minsk, Belarus, on the 17th and 18th of October. The aim of the summit was to explore and display emerging technologies and tech hubs, all while uniting the worlds of games, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and other cutting-edge technologies.

Our main goal was to improve the VINchain App, which is currently in beta and available for both iPhone and Android ( We are committed to streamlining its usage for consumers and making it intuitive as possible to explore all the benefits VINchain has to offer.

More about this you can read here:

2) VINchain listed on a top 10 exchange

IDAX was the first exchange that VIN tokens were listed on and has been steadily climbing the ranks. They now claim the title of a top 10 exchange worldwide by trade volume. The IDAX  platform only features promising companies and we’re truly grateful to have made the cut. This is the culmination of our focus on development as well as support from community members like yourself as we continue to reach our more ambitious goals. Our VIN token (VIN) trading campaign on IDAX was a resounding success for generating volume, but we're far from finished.

More about this you can read here:

3) VINchain to be listed on IDCM on November 9th

VINchain is to be listed on the prestigious IDCM exchange come November 9th. Some of our community’s most frequently asked questions have centered around exchanges, so it’s a pleasure to share the great news.

IDCM covers more than 60 countries and regions across the world while holding the title of the first exchange alliance built upon a node consensus mechanism. It works together with IDCG’s own DApp (based on DPoS) and DAICO incubation platforms to create a complete blockchain ecosystem. IDCM counts itself among the top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges by trade volume. You can find out more about IDCM at: (  

More about this you can read here:

We want to stress that developments of our products and the acquisition of valuable partnerships remains paramount, but we will be pursuing more exchanges in the future.

As always, thank you for your continued support.

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