VINstuff #32 (January 14 - January 27)

January 26, 2019

Dear VINchain community,

We’ve excelled through an vital week of work and are have finally made it to the Superbowl of the automotive world, NADA Show 2019. We’re currently in attendance, so be sure to say hello at our booth if you’re in the area. Otherwise, catch up on some of our content you may have missed.

Check out our video with the announcement:

1) VINchain at NADA Show

We are making full use of the incredible opportunity at the world largest automotive expo to preach the word of VINchain and forge valuable contacts. NADA is a hotbed of innovation and progress and we find ourselves in good company among other startups and companies with disruptive visions of the industry.

We’re enthused to be well received by our audience of dealerships and beyond, and look forward to nurturing the priceless connections we are forging in person at NADA in the coming months. Our connected car solution is garnering lots of attention from exactly the potential partners we’ve developed it for and we’re eager to see what the next quarter holds for our future partners.

2) Content highlight

We continue to author informative content for our blog in order to educate our community and beyond. Be sure to check out our two most recent articles:

Five ways blockchain is transforming the automotive industry

Blockchain and data privacy - who does your information belong to?

We appreciate the continued support of our unique community and are hard at work to ensure our shared vision becomes a reality. If you haven’t already, be sure to join our Telegram channel below, where you can chat directly with our team and founders!

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