Blockchain API

Read, write and search API. No blockchain coding knowledge required

Everything included

Easy Integration, SDK’s, full documentation, and support

Custom token

Circumvent data privacy concerns with voluntary data sharing

Write and forget

Never overpay or miss another oil change again. Access personalized offers.

Easy integration

Keep a complete history of your vehicle data.

Your Apps

Learn to make your driving safer and more efficient.

Who can benefit from custom tokens

Insurance companies

Insurance companies can increase revenue by providing token rewards for UBI (usage-based insurance)


Fleet tracking companies can use custom tokens to increase customer satisfaction and get more valuable data by rewarding their customers for providing that information.


Custom tokens will help dealerships retain more clients for service and increase repeat sales.

Let Blockchain better your business

Blockchian technology is not only limited to a select few businesses. Get in touch with us and find out how your business can be improved with our services

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