How to find the verification code inside a report

We have developed a system to verify all of the information contained inside the reports from our partners. Follow these steps to verify your report.

Step 1: Purchase a report from one of our data partners

Currently the following partners support report verification:

Simply follow the instructions from any of our partners to purchase a report. After the report has been purchased and opened, please proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Copy the verification code

verify instruction

Please click on the red ‘check’ button to copy the verification code. A success message will indicate that this has been done correctly

verify instruction

Step 3: Paste the code inside the VINchain Data Verifier

Navigate to the VINchain data verifier and paste the code inside of this box:

verify instruction

After the code has been inserted click on the red ‘verify’ button

Step 4: Done

Now you will see the result of the verification.

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