VINchain 2019 Wrapup

vinchain 2019 wrapup
December 31, 2019

Dear VINchain community,

As the year comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to take a look back and review how this year has been and what we were up to. Let's reflect on what we have succeeded in and what we are proud of.

The beginning of the year started for us with us making our pitch for SONIC Automotive, as well as the Superbowl of the automotive world, the NADA Show 2019. We made lots of valuable connections while spreading the idea of VINchain to the public. We won a study tour to the United Kingdom and we’ve continued to make waves across the UK. We got the opportunity to pitch our project to many different entities, accelerators, startup hubs, etc. and we learned a lot along the way. 

We’ve started to partner with and gather information from European vehicle data provider all in order to widen the amount of data that we have and to extend our cooperation with partners in the United States.

We’ve made lots of technical updates to our platform as well. We have launched the ability for our customers and partners to purchase our VINchain vehicle history reports with both tokens and fiat. Plus we’ve updated our vehicle history reports with a new layout, more information, and better functionality! We’ve also created the VINchain Custom Token. With these custom tokens, our partners can now use our blockchain as a service (BaaS) to integrate blockchain technology into their own platform. Check this link: and learn what BaaS technology can offer.

We are working hard on the development of our GPS tracking platform and a lot of things have already been completed and are in test mode. The platform is not limited to just GPS tracking. All updates regarding the platform are available here:

Visit our GPS fleet tracking website and you'll be the first to know how the system works.

Our core business is thriving with all time high record report sales. Just last week 26,824 vehicle history reports were sold. It's an all time high and that number will only grow! You can check the statistics here: All of the reports sold are verified by our blockchain technology

We also have an important announcement regarding the situation with the IDAX exit scam. As you know the situation is rather complicated but we are trying to solve and ameliorate the issue in any way we can. All of the tokens that will be possible to recover from IDAX will be distributed among those who sent us screenshots with their IDAX balances proportionally (among all IDAX holders who send us screenshots to as we asked earlier). Doing some agreements with CoinTiger we can tell now that CoinTiger helps us to block IDAX scam deposits, and it's great news, thanks to their team efforts! We will do our best to continue to prevent scam exits and for sure keep you updated!


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